Three Ways Digital Workplaces Can Improve Employee Engagement 

In the current uncertain climate, maintaining employee engagement is essential; especially now as many of us work from home. But just how are top businesses around the world keeping their employees motivated, inspired and most importantly, engaged? In recent months, the digital workplace has presented itself as the saviour in more ways than one. For the uninitiated, the digital workplace can be understood as a modern working environment often characterised by a platform or piece of software. Designed to improve everyday work processes, they’re attributed with improving communication and engagement among employees.

Thanks to their innate ability to connect and facilitate collaboration, digital workplaces have largely sustained and improved levels of engagement across a variety of different industries. They’ve not only earned their merit during the current crisis, but have also proved to be an indispensable way for any modern business – from freeing up valuable hours for more productive work, to contributing to a healthier and more connected work environment, to raising the morale of the business as a whole. Given these unprecedented remote working conditions, here are three ways digital workplaces can improve employee engagement:

Better connectivity

Connectivity is a key proponent to almost any modern business. When an employee is connected, they’re engaged. The two go hand in hand. With globalisation now reaching all corners of the world, our businesses are becoming more connected than ever before. Digital workplaces are an efficient way of ensuring that those at the frontline are as connected as they can be, with messaging tools, company newsletters and project organisation features. They help the upper levels of management stay engaged with everyone, enabling faster and more transparent communication of company-wide announcements. They allow for the sharing of knowledge and experience from individuals and facilitate all this communication in one easy-to reach place.

From a more logistical point of view, digital workplaces are also excellent for keeping long-distance colleagues in the loop. With remote workers being able to access the digital workplace from anywhere, it makes managing collaboration from a central hub much easier, connecting offices spread across different time zones, and perhaps more importantly, making non-office-based employees feel just as much a part of the business as those who do.

Efficient collaboration

Businesses of all sizes are built on knowledge and experience, and every department requires specific knowledge that enables them to carry out their work efficiently. Having a digital workplace centralises that knowledge, storing it all on one network and making it easier for different departments to learn more about and understand the work their colleagues carry out in those departments. This facilitates a strong sense of engagement among teams and businesses as a whole. It helps individuals understand and appreciate collective goals, and their role in helping achieve them. Digital workplaces also provide a means of sharing that information and collaborate with other business associates, facilitating better relationships and work practices.

Improved interaction

Digital workplaces are excellent tools for increasing employee engagement and interaction. Often featuring in-built social media platforms, they can act as a place for employees to share their successes and organise events outside of the working environment. With the introduction of methods like gamification, businesses can make sure that employees are more incentivised to interact with content and participate in group projects. All of this creates the perfect formula to boost office morale and leave everyone feeling more connected and engaged.

If you’re looking to improve employee engagement, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to use technology to connect with your teams and integrate your business. From Zoom to Microsoft Teams, there are a variety of different ways to keep employees in the loop and maintain morale.

Author: Josh Hummerston is part of the marketing team at Oak Engage

Photo credits: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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