Get Involved

Thought and Action Groups - Topic & Sector

We enable and support topic and sector groups. The aims of these Groups is to further debate, form conclusions, develop resources and tools and promote action on a variety of aspects of employee engagement.

Thought and Action Groups - Area Network

We enable and support area network groups to work together to raise the profile of employee engagement, share effective employee engagement practices, whilst raising awareness of Engage for Success, and its work.

Core Team - Volunteers

Join as a volunteer in one of our hubs to help implement the strategy that delivers on our main aims: raise the profile of employee engagement, shine a light on good practice, and inspire people and workplaces to thrive.

Create Engaging & Compelling Content

We’re all about spreading the word about employee engagement and shining a light on good practise and we’re always looking for quality content whether that’s blogs, videos, audio or something else.


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