Special Guest: Alice Streatfeild, Employee Research Director, ORC International

Our research shows that diversity in the workplace helps attract talent. It sends the message that the organisation will be more inclusive – and that’s good for everyone: employees, the business, and society. It’s also good for customers, as diversity of thought aids the exploration of new ideas.

For HR, diversity and inclusion is a megatrend, and it’s here to stay. With a shaky political ground and context – with the election of Donald Trump, the reasons for and implications of Brexit, and sexual harassment dominating the news – it’s not a subject that can always be seen as straightforwardly as “be nice to people”. And for HR, the implications can be a serious minefield.

Tackling the biases that we all bring to work, which are impacted by the wider societal context that we live in, is part of the challenge.

Join us as we talk about why diversity and inclusion is good for business, and share five strategies to help organisations create an inclusive workplace culture.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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