A Global Report on Social Technology at Work: Employee Behaviour, Performance and Fulfillment 

Prepared by John Smythe and Bonnie Carlo on behalf of Engage for Change, Carlo Communications and Engage for Success

The project was jointly researched as part of the More Social than Media TAG research for Engage for Success.

The key question John and Bonnie asked was:

Is tech at work making things easier for or just adding more tasks to the working day? Boon or burden?

With the outcomes of this report, John and Bonnie hope management teams will consider the type of workplace culture they wish to foster as a result of investing in technology at work. It will also serve as a driver for employers to explore relevant technology got their businesses, and to find the right tools to improve their company’s performance and sustainability.

Too much tech is dropped into the workplace without clearly thought through commercial or cultural purpose, governance and training. Plus boomer and X gen leaders are reported as providing poor digital role models.

The report includes a summary of what people at work want to change about their work tech which could provide an agenda for developing tech at work to deliver commercial and cultural benefits.



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