Our People

As a movement, our volunteers are our lifeblood. We have support across the public, private and third sectors and, whilst being predominantly UK based, across the world!

You can find out more about many of those who are involved in our Core Team here but please don't assume this is an exhaustive list - our team's energies and availability waxes and wanes as their life and business interests consume them, so this team list is fluid! And there are many more volunteers involved in our Thought and Action Groups and Area Networks.

Click on each title to 'meet' our people.

Our Core Team

The Core Team provides light touch strategic direction and supporting infrastructure for the EFS movement with hands-on delivery co-ordinated through a network of volunteer hubs. This structure enables us to keep the ethos, knowledge and activity together and 'moving' whilst allowing for our volunteers coming and going as their availability allows.

You can find out more about how this works here LINK. Our hubs are supported by our two Strategy Directors, who also host our radio show!

Jo Dodds
Jo Dodds

Strategy Director & Radio Host

Jo Moffatt
Jo Moffatt

Strategy Director & Radio Host

Our Communications Hub

Jess Young
jess young

Communications Hub Co-Lead

binu jacob
binu jacob

Blog Lead & Comms Strategist

laurice laird

Communications Hub Co-Lead

werner oberholzer

emma mcmillan

LinkedIn Community Manager

rachel allerton

LinkedIn Community Manager

Sophie De Nanteuil

Brett Sadler

Riten Solanki

heather Pritchett

Jose Ignacio Andres

Helen Dunstan

amanda teale
Amanda Teale

Anouchka Burton

Our Thought & Action Groups Hub

jonathan henwood
Jonathan Henwood

Area Network TAG Hub Lead

Katrin Kircheis
katrin kircheis

Topic & Sector TAG Hub Co-Lead

steph ball
stephanie ball

Topic & Sector TAG Hub Co-Lead

Our Partnerships Hub

Jo Moffatt
Jo Moffatt

Partnerships Director

Gary Gill
Gary Gill

matthew hall
Matthew Hall

Andy Goram

David Savage

amber kelly

Sheena Sachedina

sarah worth

Liz Rogers

Nicola Smart

ellie dodds
Ellie Dodds

DofE Award Volunteering

elsie archibald
ElSie Archibald

DofE Award Volunteering

Sarah Pass

Our Volunteers Hub

vlad levitsky
Vlad Levitsky

Volunteer Hub Lead

Katrin Kircheis
Katrin Kircheis

Charlotte McCormick

sarah worth

andy goram

Jill Leake

Nicola Rogers

Bev Mitchell

Sally Pritchett

Our TAGs Steering Group

The role of the Steering Group is to support the EFS community by providing insight, evidence, ideas and advice on a range of engagement topics to our Thought & Action Groups - Topic and Sector and Area Networks, as well as thought leadership to our wider community and business leaders.

james court smith


juliette alban metcalfe

anne wilsdon

Claire Kelliher

fiona anderson

lyda modiano

nicholas wardle

nigel girling

paul beesley

sally tanner
sally tanner

sarah pass

darea flanagan

frazer rendell

sarah worth

Monica Pabualan


David MacLeod and Nita Clarke co-authored the publications, Engaging for Success, in 2009 and went on to jointly found the Engage for Success movement in November 2012.

david macleod
David MacLeod


nita clarke
Nita Clarke



Our Board looks after the governance of the Engage for Success Movement, how it is organised, how it is funded, how it is structured, who it employs.

The Engage for Success Board was formed in October 2013. Engage for Success runs as a company limited by guarantee, as a non-profit making organisation.

The Chairman of the board is Peter Cheese from the CIPD

Peter Cheese

Advisory Board Chair

geoff lloyd

Eric Collins
eric collins

bob hughes
Bob Hughes

francis goss
Francis Goss

louise beardmore
Louise Beardmore

russell grossman
Russell Grossman

cathy brown
Cathy Brown

james court-smith

Our Alumni

We always say that once you've been involved with the movement as part of our Core Team, you never really leave!

Here are our alumni, many of them were 'lent' to us as secondees from their organisations (if we've missed you off, please do shout!).

Most of them are still supporting the movement, at least in spirit if not in practise, and they most definitely continue to fly the flag for the cause!

Jon Hardy
Veronika Celisova
Anka Black
Victoria Hatton
Maria Marenghi
Lucy Wilson
Ruth Lawton
Kiran Sondhi
Neeta Cubitt
Amanda O'Hara
Tanya Rice
Karen Donachie
Richard Mortimer
Mez Fokeer
Amy Lingard-Smith
Faran Johnson
Ali Godding
Wendy Leedham
James Jones
Hazel Hodgins
Raimee Noman
Rebecca Normand
Laura Buckthorpe
Franc gooding
Mark Ellis
Anne Wilsdon
Jacqueline Reed
Helen Cook
Siobhan Renshaw
Sian Fording
Pippa Sweeney
Stephen Dando

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