Our TAG Steering Group Governance

The Thought And Action Group Steering Group is accountable to the Board and the wider EFS community.

The Group will generally meet on a monthly basis with agendas to guide discussion and action points to follow up on next steps etc.

The Group will be chaired by an individual elected from within the Thought and Action Steering group membership.

Membership of the Group will consist of not more than eighteen (18) members (of whom up to three (3) may be co-opted for their specialist knowledge or contribution).

The Group will be composed of a mixture of academics, researchers, employers, consultants, service providers, membership organisations and professional bodies from across all sectors, all with extensive experience in the theory and practice of employee engagement. The aim will be to achieve broad participation reflecting the diversity of the wider organisation and across sectors and geographies.

Alternates and deputies will not be permitted.

Quorum and voting

Five constitutes a quorum of the group.

At any meeting of the Group, consensus will be sought on issues raised for advice, guidance or recommendation.

In exceptional circumstances, where the Chair decides that a vote is required, each member of the group, including co-opted members, shall have one vote, with the Chair having a casting vote if required.

Term of Office

Members of the Thought and Action Steering Group shall usually serve for a minimum term of two years. The Group will review its constitution each year to facilitate continuity and transition.

Group members will normally be appointed at a relevant TAGSG meeting and, in the event of a vacancy through the demise, resignation or retirement of any such member, or to fill a special need, the group shall have the power to co-opt a new member until the end of the current term year, potentially increasing the number of co-opted members beyond three.

The role of Group members is active participation rather than of representation or communication. This includes undertaking activities outside of the Group meetings and partnering with a TAG in a mentoring-style role.

Nomination/Appointment Principles

  1. The Thought and Action Steering Group should reflect the composition of the wider Champion community.
  2. It should be transparent and accountable to the wider Champion community.
  3. No-one should be excluded from the Group Nomination/Appointment process.
  4. The overriding criterion for selection will be the contribution a member can make to the work of the Group. Service on this Group is a vitally important role in the development of the subject of Employee Engagement; it is therefore essential that only quality candidates who can add value and work as part of a team are selected.
  • Evidence of an individual’s commitment to Employee Engagement will be necessary.
  • New members are voted in by current TAGSG members by a simple majority.
  • Group members must be able to attend meetings either in person, video conference or by telephone.
  • Any potential and/or perceived conflicts of interest must be highlighted as they become known

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