UK Workers Prefer Employers That Provide Good Benefits 

Over half of UK workers value good benefits and perks as much as their annual salary, according to a new, in-depth research called ‘People at the Heart’ commissioned by employee engagement innovators HIVE360. The study explored the issues and concerns of staff, to help UK employers better understand the opportunities of improving engagement with their employees and what they should change to ease some of the biggest workplace worries and improve employee engagement.

HIVE360’s Managing Director, David McCormack, said that employee engagement is one of the fastest developing growth strategies for UK businesses, as it improves productivity, and staff retention. He added that more employees are looking beyond financial remuneration, and are actively looking for a positive work-life experience with easy access to a range of health, welfare and money savings benefits for themselves and their families. David also explained that a benefits strategy that reflects the face of today’s workforce is central to attracting and retaining talent. Employers that offer tangible support on issues such as mental, physical and financial health and wellbeing, show compelling evidence of improved employee productivity levels and the overall performance of the business.

The research, which pulled together data from more than a 1,000 employees who work in a range of roles from senior decision makers to support staff, revealed the following to be key drivers of engagement across the country:

  • 50% of workers prefer employers that provide good benefits, including flexible working, a comprehensive benefits package, mental health support, perks for work and leisure time, as well as competitive salary and bonuses.
  • 52% of men believe good pay and bonuses are what makes a good employer
  • 53% of men say good benefits and perks are what make a company a good employer.
  • 55% of women and 45% of men say a good employer is one that offers and supports flexible working
  • 46% of workers indicated regular recognition from their employer about their performance and commitment are important.

For more information visit www.hive360.com and download a free copy of the ‘People at the Heart’ research report.

Photo credits: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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