How HR Principles Can Make You A Better Person, Friend, And Employee 

As an industry, Human Resource (HR) is all about people – how to care for them, how we manage our relationship with them and their eccentricities, and how to make them feel heard and valued. As the name suggests, the resounding principle behind human resources is that people are in fact a ‘resource’.

You might be thinking, ‘of course I value people but I don’t feel like I need to research the whole industry!’ To that, we respond – ‘yes you do.’ Not only are the values of HR management applicable to life in general but, an HR department will likely be the one constant across every job you ever have.

Read on to find out how the learning the principles of HR, perhaps through online human resources courses, can help you in your life at large:

Be a sounding board for other people’s concerns

HR is all about dealing with people and managing their concerns and conflicts. Nurturing this skill will help you with whatever path of life you choose. Being able to patiently hear people vent about the things that are annoying them and pulling together a constructive and coherent plan from that to move forward will help you as a parent, friend and even co-worker. Acting as a sounding board for others can help you improve your empathy, communications and problem-solving skills.

Being the sort of person who people can come to with their problems is a quality that will help you in your personal relationships. If you become that person in your friends’ circle that people can approach to talk about things in a relaxed and non-judgmental manner, then you will foster close friendships for years to come.

Put people first

HR principles dictate that it’s the people who have the power to drive an organisation forward rather than the corporate machine that surrounds them. Valuing people is important in any career as well as in life at large. If you put your faith in people and their capabilities then you will find that this faith will buoy you forward in any industry.

This principle will also help you in your personal life. If you put the people in your life ahead of all other distractions like work, ambition and superficial desires, then you’re all but guaranteed to have a close circle of friends who will be there for you no matter what because they’ll always know that, if the shoe was on the other foot, then you’d be there for them too.

Attitude is more important than experience

One key principle of working in HR is that you hire for attitude rather than experience. If this is the way you choose to hire, then your employees will be engaged and are likely find success in their jobs.

This principle will help you become confident in everything you do, knowing that if you have a positive attitude and you’ve opened yourself up to the possibility of learning you’ll be able to perform and expand your skillset infinitely. Similarly, if you’re more than capable of doing a job but your heart isn’t in it, you’ll know that you’re not giving yourself or your job your absolute best.

You’ll know how to deal with HR

Even if you don’t go on to work in HR, you’re going to be dealing with HR personnel at some point in your life. They are the driving force behind many companies and learning the values of human relations through an online course will help you to deal with the HR managers in your life and perhaps even help you get hired!

So whether you’re considering becoming an HR manager or you’re just interested in picking up a few extra skills, there’s no denying that the founding principles of HR are valuable and applicable in all walks of life.

Author bio: Rebecca Lee – Content Manager at Extras.com.au

Photo credit: Tumisu on Pixabay

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