Increasing Employee Engagement (and Increase Productivity as a Result) 

Hints and tips from the recent Engage for Success Conference: Putting People at the Heart of Business, by Fiona Anderson of ValuingYOU.co.uk

Optimising my investment by sharing my learning with you

(Please note that this is synopsis is based on my notes taken on the day. They are paraphrases of what I heard and captured at the time. The full article, 30% more, can be found on our blog page: www.valuingYOU.co.uk )

On 22nd March I attended the Engage for Success annual conference: People at the Heart of Business. I came away inspired to hear others talking about many of the techniques that I have been introducing to clients and I also learned even more. Or as Sir Eric Peacock, serial entrepreneur and Chairman of Buckley’s Jewellery encouraged us to do with our learning:

“Steal with pride, adapt with glee, pragmatically implement.”

So here I am writing this article for you.


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