What Are You Going To Start Doing Today To Become More Productive? 

Productivity has always been a point of focus for most business leaders around the world. When organisations record high productivity levels, it all comes down to the productivity of individuals. So why do millions of people focus on productivity? Productivity is all about measuring the output of whatever the input is. Workforce productivity is the basis of calculating the performance of the economy. This means that the more productive you are, the better your business will perform. In this post, we discuss the top five ways to increase your productivity.

1.     PrioritiSe sleep

Sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on an individual’s performance. And this will harm the efforts of the entire workforce. The common side effects of lack of sleep include poor concentration, weakened immune system, poor memory which ultimately affects efficacy and health. The prefrontal cortex is vulnerable to sleep deprivation. Therefore, tasks that require the use of cognitive skills will be done in an average way. Lack of sleep also increases employee absence. And this harms productivity in the long run. Research studies have shown that it only takes an hour of sleep deprivation to start experiencing sleep problems. Every adult should sleep for seven to nine hours each night to be productive and healthy.

2.     OrganiSe your tasks and activities

When it comes to productivity, to-do lists are invaluable. Even senior executives will enjoy the benefits of planning their workdays effectively. When you organise yourself, your focus is greatly improved and you’ll achieve a sense of accomplishment when you tick off completed tasks. Human resource managers should encourage team members and leaders to embrace the benefits of effective task and activity planning among their teams. Research studies have also shown that multitasking is a common habit in the workplace. And it harms productivity. Most people multitask to work on different projects simultaneously to save time. However, you cannot work on two different tasks at the same time and perform well in both. The human mind has been programmed to focus on one thing at a time.

3.     Reduce distractions in the workplace

In the workplace, the biggest killer of productivity is distractions. While interactions with your colleagues play an important role in promoting workplace culture, you should do your best to minimise interruptions when you are working on important tasks. This might mean informing/ indicating your colleagues that you are in the middle of an important task, putting up a sign on your desk, or shutting your door. You should also minimise the amount of time you spend on social media platforms and chatting with your online friends. You can easily achieve this by putting your phone away during working hours and turning off notifications on your computer.

4.     Exercise regularly

Today, lots of workplaces are operating on a hybrid or remote basis. Most fitness centers have been temporarily closed due to COVID restrictions. The benefits that you’ll get from physical activity cannot be ignored. Research studies have shown that working out regularly improves brain activity, concentration, faster learning, creativity and helps people connect and get along with each other. The improved brain functions together with the highs that regular exercise leads to boost productivity in the workplace. Human resource managers need to support workplace initiatives that champion health and wellbeing. You need to take regular breaks for exercise and time away from computers and desks.

5.     Take care of yourself

It’s not the duty of human resource managers to micromanage how employees look after themselves. However, they are responsible for supporting the workforce in doing things that will promote their health and wellbeing. When you take care of yourself, productivity will be a byproduct that comes naturally. Having fun while working, taking breaks regularly observing yourself when you start feeling tired or exhausted is one of the best ways to boost your productivity.

You also need to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and focus on important tasks. Human resource managers have been empowered to promote wellbeing in the workplace. And this helps in preventing stress while creating a positive working environment where individuals will thrive. By creating an environment that’s active in promoting self-care, wellbeing, contentment, and happiness, the organisation will improve as a whole.

Bonus tip: Design of the workplace

When you design a workplace that people are comfortable working in, you’ll easily boost productivity. Open-plan offices are ideal for collaboration. Also, people need private areas where they can work on specific tasks. Workplaces can be configured to accommodate areas that are ideal for different working styles. A flexible workplace design helps creates a dynamic workforce that is comfortable and productive.


To boost productivity, you have to form positive habits and track your progress to ensure that you are staying on track. We have shared simple and practical tips that you can use to boost your productivity right now.

What are you going to start doing today to become more productive?

Author: Samuel Matthews – Writer and Home Moves Team Leader

Photo credit: Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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