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Mondays at 5.30pm GMT

Every UK working Monday at 5.30pm ‘drive time’ for 30 minutes we broadcast a radio show exploring employee engagement and the Engage for Success movement.

You can listen live online here, or by calling 001 347 237 4274

Please note that it’s a US number. If you are dialling without low cost calls to the US then check out www.0044.co.uk to make it just like calling down the road!

You can join in. We are always looking for people to interview and also for hosts. If you are interested in getting involved personally then please email info@engageforsuccess.org

Our Live Radio PODCAST Show Hosts

Our shows are produced, in the main, by our two hosts, both called Jo (we’re not sure if that helps or confuses our guests!).

Jo Dodds

Jo Dodds, Counterpoint Matters

This Jo is the admin behind the show as well as a host. So, if you’re booked on then you’ll be hearing from her! Jo was one of the original hosts of the show, which started in December 2012.

Jo is an independent engagement and wellbeing consultant specialising in helping business owners and leaders to ensure their own wellbeing and that of their employees through engaging them and helping them with their personal productivity in these days of overwhelm, whether that be physical, mental or digital!

Jo Moffatt

Jo Moffatt, MD, Woodreed

This Jo joined the show as a host after being an avid listener and participating regularly in ongoing conversations on social media around topics following listening to the shows (that’s what happens when you raise your hand in EFS!).

Jo is MD of Woodreed, a specialist ad agency where they believe in treating employees like customers, using the power of brand to engage internal audiences.

Andy goram

andy goram, owner, bizjuicer

Andy joined the show after volunteering with the movement and demonstrating his interview skills at some of our events. Jo M spotted his talent and we invited him to join us!

Andy is owner of Bizjuicer, a strategic brand and employee engagement consultancy, helping to create what he calls “stickier businesses” from the inside out, by discovering, connecting and aligning Purpose and Proposition to People, to produce more sustainable Profits.

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