Running An Engagement Workshop

A key part of our vision is to build the engagement movement across the UK. This means supporting the development of the movement in cities and towns and across industry sectors. The aim is that everyone who has an interest in building employee engagement in their organisation can contribute and have their voice heard, no matter where they live or who they work for.

Since Engage For Success started in March 2011 people have been busy running events all across the UK. We have gained ideas from hundreds of private and public sector organisations on what will add value, interventions that will support individuals, teams, organisations and areas, and how we can leverage the vast knowledge, passion and experience of those involved in employee engagement, to inform and enhance the working practices of UK Plc.

We have held hundreds of events across the UK in partnership with our volunteers and supporters.

Our most popular event has been our ‘Engagement Workshop’, which provides the evidence for good employee engagement and introduces the ‘Four Enablers’.

You can download and customise materials below to use at a private event within your organisation, or to run a public event, or as part of a broader development or learning day.

The only requirements we have are that you credit Engage for Success for the materials, and you do not profit from using our materials. You can find the materials here, together with the guide to running the event.

Please ask for help if you need it and remember, we are building a movement, and so would love to hear your feedback and share your outputs. Please share your thoughts in on social media and/or here.

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