My Employee is My Strategic Partner 

This quote has to be deeply imbedded in each responsible mind while s/he is dealing and interacting with his/her employees because they are one of the most important and critical factors that lead to the Positive and Effective Performance.

Imagine yourself as a company owner or a leader or a manager or a supervisor or as I used to say a responsible and answer the following Question in a Clear-Detailed Forum:-

  1. Who does produce your products and your services?
  2. Who will get your Company’s goal achieved typically as you planned for?
  3. Who does interact with your customers?
  4. Who will get your customers really satisfied and come back?

There is a common word you will discover in each answer for these four Questions and it is the solution; it is “MY Employee” which means you are in the right track, but if you found the word “an Employee” so you are not in the right track, because consideration here matters a lot.

The whole management’s focus has to be on the Employee, because your employee is the one who will get your organization’s goals achieved as you planned for and s/he will exceed your expectation and make a new performance record only if you find the “winning way”.

What is the winning way? It is the dealing and interaction techniques, you use with your employee that lead to positive and effective employee… to reach this stage ,and regarding to Employee Based Management you first have to know your Employee in terms of Soft Managerial Components (motivation, feedback, communication, team-work…).

Let’s go to the basic of management to show the strategic role your employee plays to achieve your organization’s goals:-

In any work place there are:-

  1. Something has to be done (task).
  2. Someone will get it done (employee).
  3. Someone plans, or wants, to get it done (responsible).

These are the three main parts of our talk here: a responsible wants to get a task done through his/her employee.

To get what you want achieved as planned for, you as a responsible has to know in details what you want to achieve and from which perspective you have to see the task to get it achieved as you want, all you need is to sit down with yourself to answer this part carefully in the forum of Tiny Detailed Details.

Then to translate this task into Soft Managerial Components like what is the motivation style is needed for this task , what is the best way to manage the feedback process under this this task, what is the best effective way to communicate this task?,…etc.

To know everything in details here means “don’t only deal with a task as a process but to know all the invisible factors that have a great impact on the process, to know what beyond the process”.

How should your employee see the task and perceive it?

You as a responsible answer this question; it has to be a part of your task planning and perception management.

How does your employee actually see and perceive the task?

This question is the focal point here as it sheds the light on studying the employee’s perception under the umbrella of Soft Managerial Components.

Know your employee in terms of Soft Managerial Components to effectively know how to make the relation between him/her and the task.  Employee Based Management doesn’t aim only to achieve a task but to achieve it with high behavior quality and with outstanding performance, so a relationship has to be crafted effectively between your Employee and the task.

The following is a nutshell of the Employee-Task-Relationship

Employee’s Behavior
is a function of [(Ep) ± (Rp+Rc)]

(Ep) is the Employee side

(Rp+Rc) is the Responsible side

Regarding to the previous equation:-

  • If you know what is the best way to communicate a task to your Employee, and also if you know your employee in terms of Soft Managerial Components the magnitude will be Positive and if you don’t know or partially know the magnitude will be negative.
  • If you don’t have a picture about your employee’s perception regarding to this task the magnitude will be negative, but if you know it the magnitude will be positive
  • If you don’t know how you perceive a task so the magnitude will be negative, but if you know your own perception so the magnitude will be positive.


Employee Based Management is a tool to know more about your Employee, to get the most out of him/her, to lead/manage/supervise him/her in the most effective way and whenever there is a need for change you will not encounter vague behaviors and reactions because you know your Employee from inside.

If you wish to also download a copy of this article please click HERE.

Hazem Hassan Ibrahim, Founder of Employee Based Management

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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