Team Engagement 5 Nov @ Greater Birmingham (Global) Engage for Success Network to Share + Learn + Inspire 

On 5th November we explored the new Team Engagement Diagnostic Tool

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How engaged is your team?

Ashridge Hult in partnership with Engage for Success identified in their research paper, Shades of Grey, labelling teams ‘engaged’ or ‘disengaged’ is too simplistic. Examining the dynamics of team engagement in depth they revealed four different levels or ‘zones’ of engagement.

Since completing their research they have now developed a diagnostic test—which is freely available—for leaders to test the level and quality of engagement of their own teams. Understanding into which zone a team fits is the starting point for improving its engagement and productivity.

The diagnostic enables you to take a temperature check of your teams current state of engagement and gives you a benchmark with “typical” team responses to the same statements.

Introduced by our volunteer host Ann Terry, Engage for Success Steering Group volunteers share their insights into:

  • Overview of the background and context – James Court – Smith
  • Ease of access, report content and application – Fiona Anderson
  • Case Study – Gary Gill

Inspired to use this with your team?

You can access the free diagnostic here

This will take approximately 10 minutes and involves responding to 25 statements. Results are aggregated and no personal details are shared.

We would love to hear from you, how you engage your team to contribute to and benefit from the diagnostic report, what differences have you noticed as a result?

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View a sample report

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