Working Together…Thoughts from the Integrity Content Team Lead 

The integrity content team was a made up of gurus and practitioners who had not worked together before:

  • Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe (Real World Group)
  • Ian Dodds (Ian Dodds Consulting)
  • Peter Totterdill (UKWON)
  • Gillian Bell (Standard Life)
  • Hazel Pitcher (South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue)
  • Debbie Fox (United Utilities)

I believe the contribution of different experiences and knowledge allowed our team to find a rich variety of types of content that would appeal to all types of users visiting the website.  We all volunteered to be part of the content team as we passionately believe in the critical role of organisational integrity in engaging people.

Our first job was to think about what integrity meant to us.  We were clear on the definition from the four enablers for engagement; however we felt that in order to give us the scope for finding the right content we needed to explore further to come up with all the important themes to include.  We held a session to generate our ideas and came up with a number of topic areas to focus on when we were searching for content.  We did this to help organisations think broadly about integrity and explore some subject areas that they may have not previously considered within this context.

We identified the following as areas where we would search for relevant content:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Behaviours
  • Values
  • Authentic Leadership
  • High Performance
  • Leadership Development
  • Wellbeing
  • Culture

We chose different formats such as, tools, case studies, research papers and video clips that support key arguments to aid learning and help users gain more of a practical insight into understanding how to act with integrity.

We divided them up between ourselves where we had most knowledge/experience or particular interest.   Whilst this meant we reviewed content for these topics for consistency, each of us sourced content on each topic area so that we didn’t limit the opportunity for finding good practice material.  This meant we all had two to four topics each and each topic had at least two reviewers so when we were looking at the review criteria to meet when selecting the most pertinent pieces we could ensure that there was always a second opinion on what to submit to the website.

We found over 100 pieces of content; however for the initial launch we selected our top 25, each of us put forward our favourite pieces which gave a broad range of topics and content format. This allowed for a good number of pieces still available to use as pipeline content to keep the integrity enabler fresh and exciting. We hope that you will find them useful!

It was great working as part of this team with people from different backgrounds, all with the shared commitment of providing content that reflects good practice. We have really enjoyed being part of the engage for success movement.

Thanks to all the team involved!

Hazel Pitcher

Integrity Content Team Lead

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