How Employee Engagement Boosts Retention 

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How Employee Engagement boosts retention
24th October 2019

The Greater Birmingham Engage for Success network were again treated to a fantastic free event at Hays Recruitment in October.

Thirty people engaged with three presenters as they shared tremendous insight on how engagement can improve employee retention in a competitive job market.

Philippa Smith – Senior Client Engagement Manager, Hays Human Resources (pictured) ran a brilliant seminar on how Hays engaged with new parents to help them remain in their business. Hays listened to their employee voice and delivered change as a result. They went from potentially hampering new parents to giving hampers to new parents and, with their maternity champions in place, they are proudly watching their engagement baby take its first steps.

Pat Hutchinson – Quadrant1, introduced a fascinating way to capture reliable retention and engagement data without the need for anonymity. The idea is to engage with employees so they have an opportunity to make retention and reward decisions based on the real and yet sometimes hidden expectations of employees.

Tim Conroy – Winningtemp, shared insights from Winningtemp’s academic research partners on engagement and retention. The research looked at 897 studies from 44 countries to identify nine dimensions of engagement that help in understanding how to retain valued colleagues. Tim also talked about the way Winningtemp has developed an AI based survey methodology using this insight to help staff surveys get more meaningful answers from employees.

Book in now for the easiest difficult conversation you’ll ever have…

Next up for Greater Birmingham Engage for Success is a free seminar that is all about having the conversation. We’ll looking at three different types of conversation: digital, direct and difficult as we try an afternoon slot with our generous sponsors at Hays on Thursday 30 January from 4.30-6.30pm.

Put the date in your advance diary now.

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