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Employer-paid unemployment insurance taxes and costs can be significantly important and represent a potentially critical liability. For some employers, UI tax liabilities and their relationship to other employment-related cost have begun to increase significantly and now have a measurable impact on the bottom line. While higher UI tax liabilities are just the most obvious risk […]

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The proliferation in the sexual harassment cases claims the costs and liabilities related to your significant business, financial, and human resources. This can hinder with the growth and can question the work and reputation of your organization. Potential claims now often exceed six-figure numbers. Imperatively, sexual harassment increases recruitment and hiring costs, absenteeism and turnover […]

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Employee handbooks are a critical tool in providing important information about your organization to employees. Employee handbooks typically describe what you expect of your employees and what your employees can (should) expect from you. Employee handbooks also provide critical information about your organization and your workplace, and how your employees are expected to fit in. […]

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Five reasons you should stand up for yourself at work

Standing up for yourself can be hard, no matter who you are. Executive-level employees can often feel pressured to take on too much and may feel burnt out. All workers can be susceptible to feelings of hesitancy when it comes to reporting unsafe working conditions or other disturbing situations.  However, speaking up, even in uncertainty, […]

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