The Evidence

The Evidence

We are dedicated to being a thought leader in the area of employee engagement, and to rigorous academic research so that our propositions about employee engagement aren’t just the result of warm, gut feelings, or an inner conviction simply that employee engagement is the right thing to do.

We do believe that relationships of trust, integrity, and respect are fundamental to healthy relationships between human beings, expressed through two way commitment and communication, are the key to a healthy relationship between an organisation and its members.

But we also believe in demonstrating through quantitative and qualitative evidence that higher engagement does lead to improved business outcomes. We now have a substantial body of evidence showing the correlation between higher engagement and higher performance:

  • Engaging for Success (2009) – David MacLeod and Nita Clarke’s foundational report identifying four enablers of employee engagement in a range of organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Nailing the Evidence (2012) – demonstrating the link between high levels of employee engagement and organisational performance
  • Wellbeing and Engagement (2014) – demonstrating the links between high levels of employee engagement and levels of employee well-being
  • Further Evidence (2016) – an update building on Nailing the Evidence and offering commentary on the evidence base, advice on how to approach the topic, and thought-provoking and practical guidance for organisations seeking to build their own business case


Our case studies amplify this body of evidence. We welcome new case studies, so please complete our template, if you have one to submit.

Please join one of our Thought and Action Groups if you are interested in developing a body of evidence in a particular area, or starting a new Group if there isn’t one active in your area of interest or expertise.


Slide presentation for ‘The Evidence’ White Paper

Feel free to use this slide presentation, or slide from it, to present the evidence that high employee engagement delivers better business outcomes.

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