Topic & Sector Thought and Action Groups

We have a number of Thought and Action Groups looking at specific topics, issues and sectors. The aims of these Groups is to further debate, form conclusions, develop resources and tools and promote action on a variety of aspects of employee engagement. You are welcome to join any of these groups. To find out more, select from the relevant box below and you will find more information and contact details.

Our Area Network TAGs are national, regional, or localgroups that connect with others in the Nation or Region. Area Networks work to raise the profile of employee engagement, share effective employee engagement practices, whilst raising awareness of Engage for Success, and its work.

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Setting Up and Running a TAG

If you are interested in starting a Thought and Action Group please refer to the following guidelines and instructions:

Prospective Thought and Action Groups

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved with any of these new TAGs

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