The Future of Employee Engagement

The Future of Engagement

Engagement entered the managerial vocabulary, and seriously started to excite the interest of business leaders, around ten years ago – and it shows every sign of staying around. Since the early 2000s, we’ve seen lots of activity around engagement definition, engagement measurement, the construction of models to show what might influence engagement, and gathering evidence of the impact of engagement on the bottom line. The dissection of engagement is getting increasingly sophisticated, leading many organisations to abandon ‘one size fits all’ models and adopt a variety of methods to engage the different strands of their workforce.

So, what’s next for engagement? More of the same – painstaking attempts to dig deep and comprehend the subtle nuances? Or step changes in conceptual understanding and practice?

This task-to-completion Thought and Action Group will:

  • gather the views of researchers, academics and practitioners, and try to make sense of the multiplicity of opinions we’re certain to have
  • use our connections to big thinkers and big hitters, to see where our thought- and business-leaders are taking engagement (or maybe where engagement is taking them).

Our outputs: The Future of Employee Engagement – Thought Piece Collection, a future-gazing think-piece – to challenge, stimulate interest and encourage debate. We also aim to write a short, succinct ‘White Paper’ for the Engage for Success website.

This Group is led by Dilys Robinson. Join this Group by emailing