Thought and Action Groups Steering Group

We have a Thought and Action Steering Group to promote employee engagement, and support practitioners and leaders across the UK, by providing discussion, insight, evidence, ideas and advice on a range of engagement topics.

The aims of the Thought and Action Steering Group are to:

  • stimulate debate Employee Engagement Community and beyond
  • provide expert support to practitioners and the wider Engage For Success movement, through their own experience and by tapping into other experienced supporters
  • tap into our experienced supporters to offer informed guidance on research and development of the key topics surrounding Employee Engagement;
  • provide advice on future direction and potential for the subject;
  • encourage the formation of, and monitor progress of, Thought and Action Groups and review outputs accordingly;
  • organise regular engagement events for the wider Employee Engagement Community;
  • promote Engage For Success and the principles of the movement generally and
  • Moderate the supporters to ensure they adhere to the code of practice.
  • Individuals from these backgrounds who are willing to contribute their expertise and time free of charge to further the aims of the movement are very welcome to join the Group.

Every year, every member will commit to leading at least one tangible contribution to the movement, which is branded EFS and is essentially free. Feel free to choose from the list of activities.

Events will be advertised on the Engage for Success website. White papers, case studies and blogs will be made available through the website

Please read the Governance arrangements which govern the Thought and Action Steering Group

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