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Our Transformational Technologies Thought & Action Group is currently looking for new members.

Technology is transforming employees’ experiences, and quickly! It’s

  • Enabling new ways of communicating an organisation’s purpose.
  • Offering new means of working, for Engaging managers. 
  • Presenting exciting alternatives to how we involve, listen to, and capture employee ideas.

Practitioners face an increasingly digital world of work. This presents opportunities and challenges to Engagement, as we balance the benefits of technology such as productivity gains, with the need to maintain emotional connections, not leave the digitally disconnected behind, or burn people out with adopting new tools!

Much has been written about the acceleration of digital transformations due to the pandemic. Research, for example, highlighting IT teams rolled out projects in 1/40th of previous timelines! What does this mean for the future role technology will play in Engagement?

The purpose of the Transformational Technologies TAG is to explore the adoption, attitudes, experiences, and plans for digital employee engagement within the Engage for Success community, to share ideas, research, and best practice.

We’d love to hear your experiences of the adoption, attitudes and approaches you have taken with technology and employee engagement. If you’d like to get involved, please click the 'CONTACT' tab below.


  • Develop survey looking at adoption, attitudes, experiences, and future plans within EFS community for digital employee engagement.
  • Report insights from survey
  • Schedule future TAG sessions to inspire and share knowledge about using technology to connect on an emotional level.
  • Share best practice. 

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  • events/webinars


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