Important Guidance For Engage for Success Volunteers regarding Data Gathering and Data Use. 

TAG Chairs and co-ordinators and Area Network Ambassadors

The Core Team are currently exploring the practicality of providing a central data capture resource for your use, for example with online events.

In the meantime, if you collect contact details in the course of your involvement with our movement eg from TAG members or event attendees (online or in person) you must:

make sure your data processing conforms to GDPR

make sure you display a clear statement* as to data use at the point of data capture

make sure you have a robust process for ‘unsubscribes’

make sure you keep contact details for Engage for Success separate from any other business

DO NOT use data to directly promote any business products or services (even if free) to Engage for Success contacts as this would be a clear breach of our movement ethos and ethics.

If you are running an Engage for Success event it MUST be promoted on the EfS website. You can submit an event by clicking on this link https://www.engageforsuccess.org/events/community/add/

If you are an Engage for Success volunteer or attendee at any Engage for Success event (online and offline) the above summarises how you can expect any data you provide to be used. Your data will not be used by any third party to sell services or products to you.

Thank you for your co-operation with the above. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email info@engageforsuccess.org

* Example you should adapt to your needs “We require your data in order to fulfil our legitimate interests (contacting you regarding internal meetings, research projects, events and other activities to support Engage for Success in its purpose of highlighting and improving Employee Engagement).

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