Submitting a Proposal to the TAG Steering Group 

Version 1.1 July 2020

Proposals for all new Topic & Sector TAGs are reviewed by the TAG Steering Group. No new groups are set up until approval is received from the Steering Group Members.

The following points are worth noting:

  • All TAGs are expected to actively provide opportunities to involve other volunteers and organisations
  • Engage for Success does not endorse any suppliers, and activity in the TAGs is expected to reflect this principle
  • Proposals may be made in any format. The Topic & Sector TAG Hub Lead can provide copies of previously successful proposals. A copy of the current strategy document can also be provided which gives details in respect of the three strategic themes and strategic outcomes mentioned below.

Proposals include:

  • The purpose of the TAG, including details of the subject or topic being explored.
  • How the TAG relates to the Four Enablers and any of the three strategic themes (Good Work, People Productivity, Health & Wellbeing).
  • The level of contribution anticipated in relation to at least one of the three Engage for Success strategic outcomes (Inspire, Influence, Impact).
  • Potential outputs (if relevant, – e.g. white paper, research report, event).
  • Any anticipated gaps in resources needed to take the work forward.
  • Timescales.
  • Budget – please note, no central budget is available. Additional resources are typically sourced by the TAG using volunteer contributors, partnerships, or sponsorships.
  • A personal statement from the TAG founder/s setting out “what’s in this for you” and “what strengths are being brought to the TAG”.
  • A commitment to be pro-active in providing quarterly updates on progress to the Steering Group.

The Steering Group will:

  • Consider the fit with Engage for Success ethics, values, strategic themes and outcomes.
  • Confirm approval, or otherwise, within a reasonable timeframe following the meeting at which the proposal was discussed.
  • Oversee progress by appointing a Steering Group member to partner the TAG and by reviewing the quarterly updates provided.
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