Wicked Thinking

Wicked Thinking

How can the UK get ahead of the curve to be a global economy leader in the 2020s? How will we need to reengineer our business now to remain competitive in five years’ time? What sort of people will we want to recruit? What sort of workforce will we want to create? What will they ask of us? What will the world of work be like for our children?

Engage for Success is exploring the future of the world of work with a group of ‘wicked thinkers’ – people who stand out from the crowd in their originality of thought, dare to be different in how they lead and manage their people, are unafraid to reengineer their business, or to reinvent their work environment or values.

Every few months EFS is bringing ‘wicked thinkers’ together to work collaboratively in a facilitated discussion with a futurist to map out a possible future vision of work.

Check out our first Wicked Thinkers conversation.

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