Cross Culture

Cross Cultures

The Cross Cultures Group launched in February 2013 with the aspiration to become the go-to source of practical advice and guidance about how to increase engagement internationally.  

We have practitioners with extensive experience of working with global companies to do this, and are developing a larger network of people passionate about this topic and actively working with it. We are especially interested in linking up with people outside the UK who are working to increase engagement.

Our vision

  • That growing British business through international expansion is a critical part of strengthening the British economy
  • That there are better and smarter ways to work across international boundaries, countries and multi-cultural businesses
  • A happy and motivated workforce releases more of the capability and potential of people at work both here in the UK and abroad, which serves to unlock the potential of business and international markets – and that there is an undeniable business case to support this

Our aims

  • Grow awareness about the power and potential of engaging people in culturally appropriate ways in different countries
  • Develop a powerful range of evidence to support this
  • Provide practical ideas and tools to equip people to develop and employ approaches to increase engagement internationally
  • Inspire people to get involved in the movement by facilitating access to like-minded communities, experts and leaders

Our activity

  • Gathering and sharing best practice, case studies, workshops and guidance about how to engage people better in diverse working environments around the world
  • Investigating and developing findings from the core Engage for Success taskforce

The group was particularly excited about their event, ‘Engaging Internationally – Best Practice and Principles which took place on the 19th November 2013.

The group organised ‘Engage the World 2015 – Dialogue Across Cultures’ Thursday 12th November 2015, 13.30-17.00, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, 1 Victoria St, London SW1H 0ET

This Group is chaired by Cinthya Quijano as of November 2015. To join us, please email