Our Purpose

The turnover of teachers in UK primary and secondary schools is at all time high levels.

The purpose of this group is to:

  • Identify the factors that drive teacher engagement
  • Find out which factors may be contributing to the current high turnover
  • Make solid recommendations to address this issue to key bodies e.g. Department for Education

Progress so far

We have identified initial areas for research to identify their impact on teacher engagement.

These include:

  • Stage of life of the teacher
  • School performance
  • Geography / Demographics of school
  • Funding available to school
  • Ability to find alternative employment
  • Type of school (state/private)
  • Head teacher leadership style
  • Workload / Disillusionment
  • Parents (positive or negative)
  • Media influence / School reputation

Ultimately, we intend for the group to produce a white paper to help influence public policy in this crucially important area. If there are other opportunities to influence debate along the way, we’ll get involved in those too!

Next steps and how you can find out more

We are looking for more members to help to drive this exciting research forwards.

If you have direct experience of working in education or work with educators, have knowledge of the above areas and are up for a fun, rewarding and wholly worthwhile challenge then please email justin@fit2communicate.com for an initial discussion.