Organisational Integrity and Values

Organisational Integrity and Values

The Organisational Integrity and Values TAG will explore the gap between what organisations say about their culture and how their values and traditions are seen in reality.

The TAG will then build on this insight to consider how any gaps might be closed.

The purpose of this work is to equip firms to achieve greater ‘integrity’ – alignment with performance-enhancing values or principles.  Over time this should lead to better business outcomes and stronger growth – for commercial organisations this means improving the ‘bottom line’.

Our approach will be designed to gather practical insights, and support firms across various industries to move beyond the rhetoric of culture change to deliver concrete enhancements in terms of:

  • leadership and other employee behaviours;
  • systems and processes, and
  • the use of rewards and budgets.

People from all career backgrounds would be welcome but we are particularly keen to attract volunteers from industry and commerce.

Please contact Quentin Millington at ‘query at’ for more information on this TAG.