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The purpose of the Engage for Success Organisational Integrity and Values Thought and Action Group is to help organisations across the United Kingdom achieve — in the most effective and powerful way — their own business, commercial and social goals.  At this early stage we plan to offer insight and tools that will equip firms to close the gap between how they say they want to run and what happens in day-to-day practice.

Our work takes into account two factors in closing this ‘say-do gap’:

  • First, expectations about how work is to be done — the agreed principles or ‘values’ that underpin desirable, effective choices and actions that serve an organisation’s mission;
  • Second, how well these principles are propagated, followed and supported — ‘organisational integrity’ refers to how far people do what they say they will do, as well as the extent to which this is enabled through systems and processes, budgets and rewards and other elements of the operation.

Organisations, as it were, that have a high level of integrity do what they say they will do — as seen by employees, customers, shareholders and wider society.


Our work is relevant across industries and supports needs in the for-profit and charity sectors. Similarly, we deal with the fundamentals of values and organisational integrity, and so our insights will apply regardless of context.  With knowledge and tools to be released over 2018, we shall support senior executives and line managers to promote across their teams ways of working that are consistent with agreed values, and which simultaneously serve the stated mission.


Our work will equip people to ensure that their organisation’s principles or values are clear, relevant to the mission and understood in meaningful ways by each employee.  We also support efforts to enhance organisational integrity — this means equipping managers to discover choices and actions that are not aligned with agreed values, or areas where organisational systems frustrate people’s attempts to do what they promise.

When people have the means to, and do, work in a way that is consistent with both their own values and the organisation’s interests, they experience greater well-being, give of their best and are motivated to contribute to the mission.  ‘Engagement’ increases.

Ultimately, we aim to support more effective workplaces where people thrive, business prospers in financial and other ways, and outcomes that have impact are achieved with the optimal use of available resources.

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