Area Network Thought and Action Groups


We enable and support Area Network groups to work together to raise the profile of employee engagement, share effective employee engagement practices, whilst raising awareness of Engage for Success, and its work.

Our Topic & Sector TAGs aim to further debate, form conclusions, develop resources and tools and promote action on a variety of aspects of employee engagement. 

Want to learn more about Topic & Sector TAGs?

Area Network groups can have a large geographical National or Regional reach, or they can be local areas that connect with others in the Nation or Region.

The aim of Area Network groups is:

  • To organise and run activities and events aimed at developing and sharing good employee engagement practices,
  • Spread the messages and get others taking action to improve employee engagement.
  • Networking and sharing practical ideas and solutions.

Guidelines & RESOURCES

Please refer to the Setting up and running a Thought and Action Group (TAG) and Data gathering and use documents for our Guidelines.

All resources on the EFS website are free for you to use and customise too and you'll be supported by the wider EFS Core Team.

Learn how to Set Up and Run an Event and then browse our Resources for Running an Event to get started. When you're ready, add your event to the Engage for Success calendar.

Tips for a successful group

  • A regular venue, or venues offered in advance by group members so that dates and meeting rooms can be confirmed.
  • A group Chair to manage the agenda and steer the group.
  • Lots of passion, energy and the desire to share and learn within the group and to the local community beyond.

What you’ll get out of it

  • A network of like minded professionals who you can share and learn from.
  • Contacts and collaboration with other local organisations, which can go beyond the employee engagement agenda!
  • Enhancement of your own skills and experience in developing and delivering activities and events.
  • Career and skills development, and recognition from your own organisation as an employee engagement champion.

What your organisation will get out of it

  • The collective ideas, experience and practices of other local organisations
  • Links with other companies locally which can be used for sharing/for mutual benefit beyond the employee engagement agenda
  • Raised profile locally, the opportunity to host meetings and events, and to get others in your organisation involved and attending events
  • Enhanced profile as an employer of choice who is part of the engagement and productivity debate. It can support your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy – developing and supporting local business capability

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