Case Study: The Co-operative Group recognition scheme 

 How a recognition scheme at The Co-operative Group improved levels of Employee Engagement

The Co-operative is the largest consumer owned co-operative in the UK. It’s business include The Co-operative food, with more than 3000 outlets, The Co-operative pharmacy, the third largest pharmacy in the UK, The Co-operative funeral care, the UK’s largest funeral care and the Co-operative legal services. The group also owns The Co-operative Bank and the Co-operative Insurance which fall under the common leadership of Co-operative financial services. The group hires over 138,000 colleagues.

Following the 2007 merge with the UK’s second largest Co-operative – United, HR looked at the overall Engagement strategy and one area it looked at was the recognition scheme. Under the new scheme line managers are able to recognise employees with gifts worth up to £50.

A clear set of nomination criteria has been established with the aim to use the scheme to reinforce the groups brand values to employees. Gifts are sourced from a provider which provided valuable management information on usage and cost.

Due to previous schemes not working, a project scheme was created to design a new scheme. The scheme had various aspects such as line managers knowing how much they had to spend at the beginning of the year as well as establishing localised control.

Have a look at the below presentation (case study starts from slide 10) to see the full case study alongside the benefits from the scheme. Further implementation details can also be found on the case study below.

The above presentation is not owned by Engage for Success, it is from a presentation at a Manners & Murphy event that took place on 3rd December 2013.

If you would like to find out more about the case study please contact Colin Eglington, Managing Director at Simply Thank you.

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