Employee Engagement, it’s not just for the big boys! 

When you take your first faltering steps as an employer, the issue of employee engagement is probably not high on your list of priorities. Surviving to the end of the month, finding new customers, delivering your products and services on time and paying the bills will all appear to be more important. After all you can always have a quick catch up with your two part-time employees while the kettle boils!

If only you could see in to the future. When you have committed and motivated employees performing at their best your business is more likely to prosper and grow. It may be within a relatively short period of time there will not be time or space to catch up as the kettle boils!

It may seem strange to invest time and energy thinking about the culture of your organisation when you have only a small team but being aware of the value of employee engagement from day one of your business may actually make the difference between its ultimate success or otherwise.

Those first employees will be pivotal to the development of your business. How they behave will help to shape your company ethos and how you, as an organisation, are perceived by those all important first customers. Take the time from day one to put in place the working conditions and an environment that will engage and retain your staff in your business. Trying to implement change in the way you work with your employees and customers is so much more painful, and expensive, when you’re bigger.

One such company that had the foresight to recognise this is SEOptimise and their on-going experience of engagement is recounted in the attached case study.

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Case study provided by 3Ease

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