Evidence Case Study: ITC (International Travel Connections) 

 The following case study was provided as part of the evidence for the effectiveness of employee engagement strategies in improving performance, productivity and, in the private sector profitability.  It has been used cumulatively with other submissions compiled by many leading companies and organisations to leave little room for doubt about the statistical importance of engaging employees.

This particular case study is an additional support to The Evidence Paper


ITC is one of the UK’s leading and longest established independent luxury tour operators.  Founded in 1974 ITC specialises in luxury travel around the world for high net worth UK clients.

Last year the group turned over £41m and delivered £400k net profit.  However, 3 years ago ITC had its worst ever financial year – delivering a £750k loss.  Since then a new management team have driven a new corporate strategy that involved redefining the business plan and vision, and most importantly, implementing staff engagement initiatives to improve staff welfare, engagement and happiness.

Since then turnover and profit have risen by over 20% to deliver some of ITC’s best ever trading years.

Leadership, culture and communication provided the backbone for creating staff engagement driven by the CEO and management team. However, they also embarked on a programme of ideas and initiatives to catalyse the process and encourage engagement at all levels.


ITC stated that the most obvious benefit is that staff love their jobs and coming to work; creating a fun, happy, stimulating place to be.

In terms of profit and productivity their turnover per head has improved by 31%, sales by 21% and profit by a similar amount.  Costs have reduced dramatically, yet ‘happiness’ and positivity is at an all time high.  This has not come from giving big pay rises – simply from adopting various engagement initiatives.

In addition, from a consumer perspective, their repeat business is the highest in 10 years and over 90% of consumers rate their experience of ITC’s service at 8 or above out of 10.

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