Longitudinal study of employee engagement at Hansen Glass 

The company adopted a bespoke downstream approach forming cross-functional teams exploring leadership, communication, recognition, team working and continuous improvement which led to teams setting their own goals which dovetailed with the overall business plan.

Employees are involved in the strategic planning process resulting in the generation of a robust plan with complete buy-in from everyone involved. An industry leading ‘Skills Steps’ scheme has allowed all employees to gain NVQ level 2 with many realising an NVQ level 3 in lean techniques. Employees solve problems and improve the areas in which they work without interference or influence from the management team – a step closer to self-direction.

Team Leaders now run factories hundreds of miles from home. There is a payment scheme relevant to targets, improvements and productivity gains.

Within eighteen months, the results transformed the business: on-time delivery improved to 98%; productivity increased by 250% with 67% less wastage and a 73% reduction in customer complaints; stock was reduced by 50%. Profitability was three times the industry average, and IIP was achieved and reaccreditation given twice since.

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