Story: Earning the badge – recognition for a good manager (incl tips) 

Entertaining and useful article providing ‘dos and don’ts’ for managers to help your team flourish and creative a positive dynamic. This article talks about the need for flexibility, honesty and relationship-building in management.

The author, Nick Wake (Head of Marketing Communications, Grass Roots), takes the reader through his experiences of developing as a people manager and that his key learning is that the most valuable function of being a manager is to enable talent within the team to flourish. 

His story covers his ideas, thoughts and experiences on good management which include:

– getting the right people in the right places and giving them the chance to do what they do best.
– get the right ‘doer’s’ in the right place, help them develop and get them working as an effective team.
– not confusing managing people with seniority or levels of reward.
– recognising that the most important business relationship for the people in your team is with you.
– understanding what motivates each individual and using that knowledge intelligently.
– understanding that professional aspirations will vary and is an important context for individual development plans.
– helping people to understand their part in the bigger picture.
– having the ability to adopt different styles for different people in different situations.
– making time for your team.

Key tips:

  • Ask for feedback: Admit your mistakes.  Learn from them.  Say sorry.  No one is perfect.
  • It’s okay to be friends with your team, but that can’t influence your professional judgement.  Treat everyone equally and against the same set of principles.
  • Thieve the best you see in other managers.  It’s perfectly legal.
  • Admit to your managerial weaknesses.  If your team know you know them, they will be more forgiving, especially if you work to address them.
  • Be honest, and don’t make promises you can’t keep.

….manage all of the above and you may earn the badge!

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