Contingency Workers


Our economy and the world of work is changing. Contingency workers (such as contractors,  agency workers, zero hours contracts etc.) are playing an increasingly significant role in the UK’s workforce.

It’s predicted, and widely accepted, that this trend will continue. At Engage for Success we want to understand more about this trend and work on the issues that influence the levels of engagement across the UK’s contingency workforce.

The purpose of the Contingency Workers TAG is to is to understand the issues that employers and contingency workers face regarding employee (or rather worker) engagement.

We want to hear from policy makers, academics, consultants and practitioners who would like to get involved. If you're interested in joining this TAG, please get in touch by clicking on the 'contact' tab below.


  • Clarify the legal constraints and risks around engaging contingency workers.
  • Begin to understand impact on the customer experience of poorly engaged contingency workers.
  • Advocate the gains to be achieved by highly engaged workers delivering the very best levels on of service and productivity.
  • Discover and promote best practice of promoting best practice in engaging contingency workers.
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Meet the Group

paul beesley

TAG Chair

Director and Sr. Consultant, Beyond Theory


Psychologist, Author, Influencer & Director at Benefex

Sarah King
Sarah King

Employment Solicitor, Excello Law

Cathryn Barnard

Co-Founder, Working the Future

Claire Kelliher

Professor of Work and Organisation at Cranfield University

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