Employee perspective: How to find out if a company is good to work for 

When we’re searching for jobs, we all pay attention to the job description. However, we don’t always concentrate as much on the company involved. Researching them and deciding if they’re any good should also be a key consideration. How do you find information on companies and what should you be looking for?

Google it

Most of us use Google every day and it’s a great place to find useful information on companies across the world. You can start with the basics of where they’re based and how big they are in terms of turnover and staffing levels. However, a Google search can also show you news stories as well as customer reviews — both good and bad. This will provide you with information from a third-party source, but don’t believe everything you read without questioning it. Sometimes customers can blow a situation out of proportion and it’s important to put each comment in context.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for discussing the latest television programmes. Most businesses now have their own pages and feeds where they update customers on the latest developments. Search for the company and see what type of information they’re sharing and if there have been any comments from customers or staff.

The Company Website

This is also a good place to search for details about a business if you’re looking for finance careers in Cambridgeshire for example. The site will show information on current and past clients, so you can get an idea if it’s the type of business you want to work for. There might also be areas on training and development prospects. Have a look at the vacancies page – if there are a number of positions it could either be a sign that the company’s undergoing expansion or that they have a high staff turnover.

Potential Colleagues

Speak to your friends and family and see if they know anyone who already works for the business. If they’re a large local employer then this will be easier than for a smaller company. This is an opportunity to see what they’re really like to work for. For example, do staff enjoy working there and what are the prospects for career progression?

It’s important that you look at the company and not just the actual position. If you enjoy working somewhere then you’re more likely to stay there longer.

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