Exclusive access to David MacLeod’s keynote opening this year’s Employee Engagement Summit 

An added bonus to volunteering with Engage for Success and co-hosting our radio shows is being asked to host and speak at leading industry events. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to highlight Engage for Success’ #10YearsOn and introduce David MacLeod’s opening keynote at this year’s Employee Engagement Summit.

Engage Business Media have kindly given us exclusive access to this normally paywalled piece of film.

Watch my conference introduction where I share some of the key findings from the Microsoft work trends index annual report “The next great disruption is hybrid work – are we ready?”

Then watch David’s fabulous keynote and Q&A to hear his thoughts on the forces that have caused change over time, the acceleration of that change due to the pandemic, what is enduring, what we’ve learnt and the opportunities available for us all to seize.

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Jo Moffatt, co-Strategy Director and Partnerships Director, Engage for Success

You can have unlimited access to all three days of the Summit for just £95 here https://engageemployee.com/forums/virtual-employee-engagement-summit-on-demand/

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