Reason to NOT spend money on Employee Engagement 

This article isn’t suggesting Employee Engagement is a waste of money, it quotes all the benefits from investments in Employee Engagement. Huge numbers of freely available studies demonstrate that the Return on Engagement (ROE) is potentially huge and would force me to withdraw a statement like that very quickly!

The author Michelle Bailey states she doesn’t believing spending lots of monet on initiatives to drive up levels of engagement and infact it is wasteful. Most of the research into engagement is based on the experiences and results of big companies. And that’s made smaller employers question whether they can afford it. My experience of employee engagement and increasing numbers of studies say they’re wrong. Michelle goes onto the only reason you don’t need to spend money on employee engagement is because YOU DON’T NEED TO.

The things that drive up engagement don’t require a lot of financial investment. Engagement is about actions not words. You can say whatever you want at your company conference or customer meeting. But no-one will be convinced until they see that what you say matches what you actually do. If you don’t have trust then you won’t get engagement. That’s what the Engage for Succes ‘Integrity’ enabler is all about!

Engage for Success is completely in support of the idea that you don’t need to spend loads of money on Employee Engagement, our voluntary movement strives to shine a light on all sorts of good practices including those that don’t require any funding!

Have a read of the full article here.

The content of this article is not owned by Engage for Success and was originally posted by People Essentials.

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