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In our Better Workplace Projects, we take a deep dive into an organisation’s culture through the lense of the 4 pillars of employee engagement to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvements against each pillar. We then develop a Better Workplace Plan with their representative Better Workplace Team to implement the improvement agenda leveraging their strengths and generating the improvements.

The Four Enablers: Strategic Narrative

In our Better Workplace Projects, we develop purpose statements using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model and Better Workplace Plans to provide people with a vision for the future. In our diagnostics, we capture the history and then celebrate it.

The Four Enablers: Engaging Managers

In our Better Coaching programs, we teach managers to be coaches with their people through 5 lenses – the employee’s role(s), the employee’s relationships, organisational values and desired behaviours, the employee’s character strengths and the employee’s wellbeing. The employee has a clear Personal Plan with defined objectives, actions, timelines and responsibilities and has the opportunity to present periodically on their achievements, challenges and ambitions leading to recalibration of their Personal Plan.

The Four Enablers: Employee Voice

A key element of the process is the Better Workplace Team which is elected by the workforce to drive continuous improvement in making a Better Workplace.

The Four Enablers: Organisational Integrity

As part of our Better Stories suite of services, we develop Values Statements supported by underpinning Behaviours as well as Employer Value Propositions that define the best qualities of the organisation leveraging them to attract and retain talent.

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Peter Maguire, Practice Leader, Ridgeline HR/PosWork

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