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Corporate Culture And Social Responsibility: Should Investors Care? UBS Says ‘Yes’International Business Times
Investors may be overlooking the importance of internal corporate culture and social responsibility pledges, to financial returns, according to recent research by Swiss banking giant UBS AG. In a pair of research notes from Monday, UBS analysts argue that internal corporate culture and staff morale can impact effective sales and research strongly. They add that corporate social responsibility also apparently drives stronger financial returns, at least on certain occasions.

Company culture: what can we learn from SingTel, Asia’s leading telco?Econsultancy
How many big organisations are actually good places to work? How many are changing their organisational structure and creating an ethos of transparency? SingTel seems to be one of the companies undergoing big changes whilst trying to maintain a distinctive company culture (distinctive in being amenable to the workforce). I’ve been secreting myself in far corners of its website, and digging up interesting truffles of culture.

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