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Recognition valued by employeesEmployee Benefits
More than a third (34%) of employees believe being thanked or recognised for their work is the most valuable workplace benefit, after a pay rise, according to research by Capita Employee Benefits. Its research, which surveyed 3,000 employees, found that recognition topped flexible hours (cited as most valuable by 22%) and a promotion or training (both 17%).

How to use employee engagement surveys to improve business resultsCGMA Magazine
Engagement surveys can be more than a way for employees to vent their frustrations about their boss or the food in the company cafeteria. “If you are going to ask for opinions, it is incumbent upon you as a leadership team to act upon the results,” PwC manager Chris Ippolito said during a recent PwC Saratoga webcast.

Why Are 70% Of Employees Disengaged, And What Can You Do About It?Forbes
According to the late comedian George Carlin, “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.” I have shared this statement with thousands of employees in many different companies and industries in the course of my organizational development efforts, and most people agree with George. This unfortunate blend of human nature and corporate finance is perhaps the greatest impediment to gaining the much-sought-after prize of employee engagement.

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