Employee Surveys


Employee Voice is critical to Engagement, being one of the Four Enablers. It should never rely solely on a survey of course, as the human connection, having leaders and managers actively listening to their people, is invaluable.Surveys do typically play an important part in Employee Voice though, and when Engagement is measured they are central to the effort.

Practitioners face a growing panoply of choices from new channels to temperature checks, pulse and 'always on' measures. Not to mention the renewed focus on free comments which AI and text analytics has enabled, or the availability of dashboards and dynamic data exploration tools.

The purpose of the Employee Survey TAG is to provide guidance to practitioners, and share best practices and case studies.

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To shine a light and provide guidance on:

  • Survey methods, channels, frequency and content
  • Optimising survey analysis, interpretation and recommendations
  • Survey reporting, at the local level, to feed bottom-up actions
  • Using survey data in analytics, performance management and ROI evaluations
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  • content

  • events/webinars

Meet the Group

James court-smith

TAG Chair, Data Scientist and Director at Stillae

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