Seeking Feedback and Enabling Employee Voice 

With a ridiculously low and disconcerting Employee Engagement index reaching 32% based on the Deloitte study (see infographic below), companies are spending millions, presumably to engage their people.

Unfortunately, many have little or nothing to show for it.

Employee absenteeism, turnover, and low productivity are still one of the major pitfalls companies experience. Annual employee surveys are being used expecting better results, but the analysis and decisions are based on the already outdated information.

You can compare this to a marketing campaign where instead of tracking and measuring daily campaign performance, you would do this quarterly or annually. Or to a person measuring his heart rate in August and buying medication in May next year. Can you imagine the outcome?

Pulsetip – an HR tech company – have recently conducted a study on employee feedback cycle and its impact on several organizations. The findings have revealed that continuous feedback cycles are outperforming traditional surveys and internal communication via the intranet. A number of best practices on employee awareness, engagement, change management and internal communication were summarized into an Infographic below.

Check them out.

Jolita Pundzaitė, Senior Solutions Advisor at Pulsetip
Image courtesy of Pakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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