Special Guest: Emma Bridger, Managing Director, People Lab

Employee experience has fast become a top priority for organisations (2019 HR Executive Priorities, Gartner).

Some commentators are even asking if it should replace employee engagement? We believe the answer to this question is no! Quite simply if we get the employee experience right, employees are more likely to be engaged.

We need to consider both employee experience and engagement to develop workplaces that people want to join and contribute their best to. But where do you begin?

Join us as we discuss how to design brilliant experiences which build engagement. Hot off the press, Emma will also share the findings of her latest research into what makes a brilliant experience.

Emma is one of the UK’s leading employee engagement and experience experts. She’s passionate about working with organisations to help them design and create great employee experiences which inspire people to be their best, resulting in high engagement which makes a positive difference to organisations, employees and customers.

With over 20 years’ experience, gained in a variety of roles, in diverse organisations, Emma came to this field via a more unconventional route, previously lecturing in psychology, her specialist area being behaviour change. Combining this understanding, with practical business experience, and an MBA, Emma has demonstrated how organisations can achieve their goals and create a competitive advantage by focusing on experience and engagement.

Host: Jo Dodds

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