Special Guest: Marcela Alvarado, Digital Communications Manager, Arla Foods

Creating solutions that enhance the employee experience requires that you have a very good understanding of the needs and behaviours of those for whom the solution is intended. This is why Arla Foods set out to define its own internal users and developed a framework that strengthens the decision-making process and allows better solution design.

How could we create a framework where the discussions and decisions were based on factual knowledge and understanding of the users’ real character and not on assumptions based on the user’s role?

Join us as we discuss how to build better employee experience solutions based on empathy and understanding of the user’s needs and behaviours?

As an User experience practitioner Marcela’s mission has always been to design solutions based on meaningful insights. And building Personas together with her amazing team for Arla Foods has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects that she has been involved in.

Family, friends and basketball are the main elements of her life – and of course to laugh and have fun every single day even if her inbox seems like a mountain and the rain is pouring down

Host: Jo Dodds

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