Special Guest: Yann Toutant, Founder – Black Winch, Country Manager – Toucan Toco

Employee engagement kicks in when employees do not see any opposition between their personal and professional lives. As a CEO, you are the focus point of many resources ( money, time, material stuff, means, influence….), it is your call and main mission to decide how to rechannel those resources to your ecosystem, the employees being first row !

Yann is a strong believer that the ‘location independence’ movement focusing on impressions versus possessions offers new opportunities to Corporates. From his own experience, he knows that many CEOs are dealing with three major stones in their shoes: shifting business models, integrating startups and attracting the “Y” generation.

Join us as we talk about the mind shift from possessions to impressions and how that provides solutions from the inside.

Yann loves to integrate this way of working in the projects he runs as well as in his lifestyle.

Along his 20+ years of professional journey, he has taken up demanding roles in sales, change management, general management and consulting. As a manager, speaker, coach or mediator, he always strives to integrate the professional growth of the professionals he interacts with. This requires getting people out of their comfort zones. He firmly believes that this helps them grow faster. Delivering results by developing people at the same time energises Yann to move to the next challenge.

Following his role as CEO for Econocom Nederland, he has now launched his own consulting company Black Winch with the goal to accelerate the continuous growth of scale-ups. For his first challenge as scale-up advisor, he’s taken on the role of Country Manager for Toucan Toco in the Netherlands.

Host: Jo Dodds

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