Radio Show #420: Employee Engagement at PivotCX 

Special Guest: Mike Seidle, CTO & Co-founder PivotCX

PivotCX learned a huge lesson about business when COVID-19 hit and they lost 85% of their business in March 2020. The 15% of their business that survived was where they were engaging job applicants with a live person, right after they applied. So, they pivoted, and rebuilt their business on the proposition that every applicant, every candidate should get to talk to a live human, every time, within minutes of applying. 

They spent most of 2020 building new software, and a new way to recruit that puts candidate engagement front and centre. They built it by working closely with the interns that were doing live chat for their customers that stayed on board, and by listening carefully to their customers. 

In short the Pivot worked.

The new software was launched in January  2021, and PivotCX grew 183% that year. 

This year, fueled by the great resignation, in January and February, they’ve already beat 2021.

But… growth creates new challenges, and employee engagement has become crucial for them. They’re in growth mode where employees are challenged to “give their job away” every few weeks as they scale up. Making sure every team member knows what is going on, and feels valued and important is crucial. 

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and software developer with deep experience in HR Tech. Mike heads up product operations and product development for PivotCX. 

  • Founder & CEO IndyAssociates, Indiana’s first Digital Marketing Agency
  • Founder & CEO Pro Blog Service, Indiana’s first social media agency
  • Co-founder & CTO VPSpay.com, card and ACH processing for the legal industry
  • Director of Development, DirectEmployers Association lead architect for National Labor Exchange & DirectTraffic Analytics
  • Former board member, HR Open Standards Consortium
  • US Navy Veteran, Nuclear Propulsion

Join us as we talk about the pivot that PivotCX had to make as COVID hit and how it’s turned out so far.

Host: Jo Dodds

Listen here

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