Radio Show #428: Delivering a Hybrid-Working Model that we Think Could Work 

Special Guest: Stuart Bagnell: Chief of Culture at lastminute.com

“Doing whatever makes you pink” is what Stuart brings to life at lastminute.com as Chief of Culture. Inspired by travel and the positive impact culture has on people and their contribution. His expertise within employee engagement, people development, and communications ideally place him to lead the People Culture team, taking Group strategy and plans and turning them into something the rest of the business understands, engages with and is motivated to deliver against.

Over a decade at lastminute.com, he’s taken the business through significant evolutionary periods, this includes several changes in ownership, acquisitions, integrations and change initiatives – as well as the current global pandemic. Acting as a heartbeat for the company, he has shaped the core values for the Group and uses them every day to spread the pink spirit of the company as it transitions from remote working to smart working.

Join us as we discuss what our workplace will look like after we start to go back to what we do best, but in a hybrid fashion.

Host: Charlotte Dahl

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