Radio Show #440: Less Career Path, More Crazy Paving… 

Special Guest: Cathy Brown, CEO, Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs

Cathy Brown, our former Exec Director at Engage for Success, and now CEO at The Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs, was unexpectedly diagnosed as having severe ADHD last summer. She joins us this week to talk about neurodiversity at work, how simple changes and understanding can make working life easier for many people, and how to create a workplace culture that values and celebrates the strengths of your neurodivergent people, rather than working against them.

One of the UK’s top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women, Cathy is now on a personal crusade to raise awareness of the challenges, the strengths, the joys and the hilarity of possessing a brain that works differently to 90% of the population. And is in the process of reassessing her whole career to make sense of this new insight!

Host: Jo Moffatt

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